UnEthical Coin (#UETC)

how to address and resolve the bad ...

This project is funded on [CERES-platform][#CERC], it is a derivative of the "#hashtag on the blockchain"

The coin for the guilty ones !

(F- Bad Business Bureau Rating)

Many try to have label for ethical, fair-trade, slave-free, organic, child-friendly, gender-equal, compliant etc... it does help the tracking and logistic of the supply chain however it doesn't address the problem.

Read mode about the cobalt supply chain

Indeed this absence of a label doesn't guarantee the good is from ethical sourcing.

There are tons of label like this, and for the end consumer this is just another marketing tactic. We see scandals everywhere 2.

At [Gradual Change][M4GC] we have the reverse approach we have blockchain tags for the business who are not compliant to our views, sent them a note and offer a program for them to "turn around", we reward the one who made the change by publishing their story and giving them a certificate.

How does it work: you sent a token to one of the address below along with the UPC/EAN number of the product you want to write about.

we have a set of tokens you can choose from to address a problem, you are free to make your own too.

Bad practice

Gulty of :

note to put a tag on a source you have to document and submit a tag request, your request will be reviews and voted such that decision is taken democratically in fairness of all parties.

if you have been tags with our blockchain[.blockchain], we will contact you soon...

how to get your unethical coin ?

Sent us your payment with the coin ticker in reference at the address : 17UETHGz9UWtk9auMECLpSX7Sfb6DZwSTL[

you can use bitcoin or any other altcrypto via shapeshift